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Create a dental organization,

where patients and employees alike encounter Market Plus standards in every interaction


Provide our partner-dentists freedom from non-clinical distractions to make them more productive, successful, and happy


We founded Hudson Dental to alleviate management concerns of dentist practice owners in the Northeast, maximize value for them, and ensure growth through a sale or partnership.

Upon acquisition, we do not change your clinical standards, processes or branding. Rather, we are dedicated to build upon the success of the dentist-owner and enhance their practice through HYC's scale, connections, and expertise. We strive to create long-term value for all stakeholders: employees, patients, and the local community.

Our ideal partner is one who has owned a successful +$775k dental practice with 5 or more operatories for +10 years and has demonstrated quality work and integrity in their actions. Learn more about our investment criteria.

Our team members started and sold DSOs, own a national sports team, and grew companies from nothing to billions of dollars in and outside of the United States. We bring substantial experience operating, growing, and financing companies ranging from middle-market businesses to Fortune 500s. We have DDS, DMDs, CPAs, lawyers, and Ivy-League educated team members who look forward to partnering with you. 


You are only going to sell your practice once, so you might as well do so with the right organization 

Hudson Yards Capital is different from your average DSO or Private Equity firm. HYC is run by current and former DSO owners, and we understand what is important to a seller. We provide a unique value proposition by offering financial liquidity and a long-term approach required to ensure continuous success

  • We have much more leeway than the typical DSO so we align our structure to fit your personal and professional goals. This also makes it easy to deal with us pre and post acquisition

  • We pay fair market value and are committed to closing transactions efficiently and professionally. Typically we can send an LOI (Letter of Intent) soon after meeting you in person and reviewing your financials

  • We are committed to retain your key employees and drive long-term growth. We welcome seller's involvement with the business post-acquisition but understand that your needs may be different

  • We come from family business backgrounds so we understand this is personal to you

  • We structure a deal that takes into account the dentist owner's estate planning and tax objectives

  • We are reasonable and believe you'd find working with us to be enjoyable

If that sounds appealing, let's chat 



You do what you do best. We do the rest.

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If that sounds appealing, let's chat 

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