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Identify, acquire, and operate a great US business.


We were founded to provide a business owner with the opportunity to reduce their involvement in their business through a sale. We help an owner maximize value for themselves and their family while ensuring the continuity and growth of their life project.

Upon acquisition, we partner with the existing management team to build on their success and enhance it through our connections and expertise. We strive to create long-term value for all stakeholders - employees, customers, and the communities the business serve.

Our ideal target is a lower middle market  privately-held business. We look for established businesses with a founder/owner in need for a succession plan or corporations seeking strategic divestitures. We focus on profitable, growing and asset-light companies with revenues of $10-50 million and EBITDA of $2-10 million with favorable market dynamics. Our mandate is broad and we are not constrained by a specific industry. We put much more emphasis on the specific business dynamics than on the sector it is operating in. To learn more about our investment criteria, see our approach.

Our investment team brings substantial experience operating, growing and financing businesses in a wide range of industries from entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies. The team is comprised of a diverse mix of highly respected business executives, high net worth individuals, and institutional investors.​


We are different. We are former business owners and come from family-owned businesses so we understand what is important to a seller. Hence, we provide a unique value proposition by offering financial liquidity and a long term approach required to ensure continuity and ongoing success. 

  • We pay fair market value and are committed to closing transactions efficiently and professionally. 

  • We are committed to retain key personnel and drive long-term growth and success. We welcome seller's involvement with the business at various levels , if desired.

  • We bring experience in personal financial planning and work closely with business owners to structure a deal that takes into account the owner's estate planning and tax objectives.

  • We are entrepreneurs and top executives in some of America's largest companies. As such, we are sensitive to business owners’ concerns and in a position to provide creative solutions to satisfy their unique objective.